Cool Beans!

Good afternoon!  My Mom took Duncan to the Doctor this morning.  He said that Duncan is well just allergic(sp).  Duncan will go to school on monday.  He still cough but as often.  His birthday party is tomorrow.  Thank God for Duncan's healing!! My ex-husband thinks that he will get Irene's visit if she goes to jail.  That is not in the court case.  He refuses to pay child support until we have court then he catch up.  I know that is the devil trying to get my nerves up!  But I have Lincoln & Duncan.  Lincoln is taking a nap so it really QUIET!  He is a very loud child!  Duncan is waiting for the computer so I let me go. See ya'
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I am at work. Duncan and I went to see Happy Feet. It was so cute! Duncan liked it so much. It was his first movie. He wants to go again. But it is expensive. We had to get popcorn and a drink, too. I can't believe friday. My kids and I will back to school on tues. Well let me go, See ya'.
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I cleaned up my house last night. It is nice to relaxed all weekend. My family helped me to clean. It was really nice. Duncan has a birthday party to go to. She is a friend from Duncan's preschool last year. She told Duncan that they are going to be married,soon. She is nice girl. She is pretty, too. It is raining steady(since yesterday morning) and it is chilly. I put on my flannel PJ last night. I need to wash the sheets today. I have to wait from Trey to get up. My kitchen is almost finished. I have an appointed next month with a man to figuire how I can type fast. It will be nice so I can keep up with Crystal. She type more fast, I can a tough time to keep with her.
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Good Morning!!!

It is 9:10 am. We had to go to ER at St Mary's hospital. My Dad was not feeling good last night. But it is the devil trying to make trouble with my Daddy. I bought my lap top to Pam's house. I have a computer disk for Lincoln ( my nephew, he will be 2 in feb.) I got my coffee this morning. I will be glad when the Wawa opening near me. I have school tonight. I read Trey's grades. I get really frustrated with him. They send me his grades every week and I can go on-line to get his grades every grades. It does not matter. I can take every from him, like it does matter. It is doing homework( I ask him about the homework) and turning in the stuff. But, I finished complained about it.(for now) Well, I need to go. See ya' may be tomorrow. My sister, from FL, had to be at the airport at 5:30 this morning.
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My sister came up from FL. We got Dad & Mom a cake with a picture of them cutting their wedding cake 50 years ago. It was cool. We brought a lot of food on fri. and cooked the food of sat. Then We got to the place where the party was at 3:00-10:00. HALLELUJAH!!!(when 10:00 came) But it went very, very good. My grandma's family(dad) reunion was today in Pamplin(pass Prince Edward) I am just plain wore out!!!
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I didn't go work today. I slept til almost noon. Got up, ate and laid down. I got dizzy this morning. I got Trey's grades from a web site. I get really frustrated and upset with Trey's grades. I talk to him til blue in my face. I don't know to do!! He want to play football, basketball, manage volleyball, softball, soon to drive, a lap computer ... but he doesn't work for them. I need to give Duncan a bath.
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Good Morning!!

During the week, I do not want to get up and on sat (when I sleep late) usually I wake early. Just I don't get it!! And I am 'til tired. Next sat. night is my parents' 50th anniversary. That is long time. I am with Kenny for 3 years(dating) and 8 years(married) Total 11 years. I still need my coffee. I will be back in a just minutes. I am making some coffee. My little one is up! He is really excited because he is going his friend today. My kitchen is almost done. It looks GOOD!! When I figure it out, I will show some pictures. Well, Duncan need to eat. See ya'.
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Crystal just taught me how to chat thing. I am not very smart about the computer but I can do more than Kenny. I am working at my mother-in-law's house. But I doesn't do much and I am here. I take Bible School on tues. night. It is tired but it is good. Crystal is a multi tasks and I am not. I like to do things at one thing to get my full attention. I think that we are going Tiki-Tiki for dinner and it is REALLY, REALLY good. Maybe I will write more tom.
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