msrockville (msrockville) wrote,

Good Morning!!!

It is 9:10 am. We had to go to ER at St Mary's hospital. My Dad was not feeling good last night. But it is the devil trying to make trouble with my Daddy. I bought my lap top to Pam's house. I have a computer disk for Lincoln ( my nephew, he will be 2 in feb.) I got my coffee this morning. I will be glad when the Wawa opening near me. I have school tonight. I read Trey's grades. I get really frustrated with him. They send me his grades every week and I can go on-line to get his grades every grades. It does not matter. I can take every from him, like it does matter. It is doing homework( I ask him about the homework) and turning in the stuff. But, I finished complained about it.(for now) Well, I need to go. See ya' may be tomorrow. My sister, from FL, had to be at the airport at 5:30 this morning.

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